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Monday, June 27, 2011

iMadurai - Madurai Improvement and Lifestyle Magazine - to be published starting August 2011

Madurai247.com, so far one and only blog of Madurai has plans to launch a lifestyle cum general improvement magazine in Madurai.

All the logistics is being worked out right now like Content creation, Formatting, Printing, Marketing/Sales and Distribution. Also budget is a constraint which is being worked out. Majorly Sana Consultants will be funding this magazine initially and gradually the magazine will take help or marketing advertisement costs from other Madurai companies, on charging advertisement tariff.

So, far various sections are identified and they are -

1. Cover page
2. About the chief editor
3. Index
4. Editor page
5. Calendar / events page
6. Business
7. Services
8. Entrepreneurship
9. Classifieds
10. Festival
11. Directory
12. Education
13. Health care
14. Parks and recreation
15. Entertainment
16. Arts
17. Map?
18. Spiritual
19. Religion
20. Feedback or mails from readers
21. Wisdom
22. Transportation
23. Dining
24. Advertising directory
25. History
26. Madurai improvement
27. Potential
28. It park
29. Aiims
30. Infrastructure
31. India
32. World
33. Politics
34. Airport, train, road - probably comes Under transportation.
35. Money/ investments
36. Sports
37. Personality
38. Sex
39. Cinema
40. Home decorations and gardening
41. Cooking/ food
42. Beauty/ fitness
43. Opportunities
44. Family
45. Life
46. Exclusive men's section
47. Womens
48. Girls
49. Boys
50. Parents
51. Teen
52. Cartoon
53. Hobby and passion
54. Jobs comes under classifieds probably.
55. What if section
56. Did you know section
57. Photo gallery
58. Foriegn education comes under education
59. Non-profit section

It depends on the editor, whether some sections might be appearing in a particular issue or not. We are also looking for an overall-coordinator of this project - iMadurai - Madurai Improvement and Lifestyle Magazine. If you are capable and you have passion towards magazine publishing please let us know and we can recruit you for this purpose.

1) Content Creators and Editors are available.
2) Overall coordinator to be recruited.
3) Web Design partner is chosen and we are working out the Layout person.
4) Printing partner is on look out. If you are a offset/magazine printer, please let us know.
5) Distribution logistics is being figured out. If you are a newspaper distributor please contact us.

You can email us at Madurai247@gmail.com Or Call +91-9629557866.

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