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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Save Entrepreneurs, Small Scale to Medium Scale Business and Industries in Madurai

Mr.Sagayam IAS sir,

It is great to see all of your actions on various departments, streets and sections/regions in Madurai. It would be great if you could include in your list of items about - Saving Entrepreneurs, Saving Small scale to medium scale businesses and industries in Madurai.

As on date, there are various hurdles an entrepreneur has to face before or while running an organization. Can we have a one stop shop from Government today for starting a business in Madurai.

If Corporation could arrange a department or an office in Madurai with all the facilities for starting and running an organization. What I mean is - if a first time entrepreneur comes into this office, he/she should be able to register as a private limited or an SSI or proprietorship or partnership or corporation or an organization etc., And not only that, the possible entrepreneur should be able to open a bank account, a bank loan and also any other formalities he wants to do for running an organization. Also a consultant or counseller for explaining the procedures. Also business advisers can be available on demand for explaining their experiences. With this, all the associated businesses also can get favoured like - Job Consultancies for recruitment for that company, Visiting cards printing, Digital Flex preparation or web designing company in Madurai. There are many such companies doing the above mentioned businesses. They can be officially present or their contact can be available in this office, so that the entrepreneur has choices to choose for these ancillary services for running his business. Hope the above point is clear enough.

Ideally an office from the government to facilitate for starting and successfully running any business in Madurai. As on date, many web designing companies are opened in Madurai and at the same pace, they are closed, due to poor business planning. Many small scale businesses has to be promoted. It is like planting seeds or planting small saplings in various places in Madurai and they will grow into trees - atleast 3 out of 10 will grow into big trees. This is the vision and if we are able to achieve it, we will be successful and we can prove Madurai as a model city in Tamil Nadu and in fact in India.

In many cases, this office can help in preparation of business plans. If the business plan is good, then help in what they are lacking.

I think entrepreneurship is the lifeblood of Madurai or for any city development. If entrepreneurs start companies, businesses and industries - that will be the best thing that can happen to Madurai. More employment and more profits and more tax payments and more prosperity to all of the Madurai-ites. I cannot think of any other mechanism of flourishing Madurai.

Promote Entrepreneurship and you don't have to do anything else for making Madurai to make it as a New Madurai and Great Madurai!!

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