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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jaihindpuram, Sundarrajapuram, Subramaniapuram, Palanganatham Madurai

Jaihindpuram, Sundarrajapuram, Subramaniapuram, Palanganatham Madurai.

The above mentioned areas stays the same way as I have seen in my child hood days. There is no change and there is no improvement to these area.

This area looks like very much residential, but more of lower middle class people and middle class people and it is pedestrian traffic oriented area, so it is even very difficult to even ride a bike.

Jokingly, it is also said - if you are able to ride a bicycle or a bike in these areas, you can ride anywhere in the world.

Anyway, jokes apart, there are lot of concerns from this area - people's standard has not increased in this area. Bus facility is not there frequently in this area. If the roads are very narrow, government can provide share auto or more mini bus facilities.

There are more tiny and small scale industries in this area like Appalam, iron Beds, bureau small scale factories are there. Very less sophisticated hospitals are not there. Proper banking facilities are not there in these areas for these kind of small scale industries and individuals.

Please do some improvement to these areas. This area has connections to Palanganatham, Avaniyapuram and Periyar Bus stand easily.



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