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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stove Business in Madurai : Export to Kerala - Small Scale Industries in Madurai

In Kerala villages, most of them use wood for their cooking purposes as a fuel. Whenever there are monsoon rains, they suffer because they don't get dried woods at all for burning for cooking purposes.

In order to work this out, Kerala villages uses Kerosene Stoves for all cooking purposes. Madurai is the only place in Tamil Nadu to produce stoves. The burners and valves are imported from Bengaluru and Mysore. However the welding works and shaping up of the stoves from the raw iron is done by Madurai small scale industries (companies).

Today 1 Kg of Iron costs only Rs.52 and it has been on high demand for the stoves from Kerala, hence Madurai Stove industries are working very hard to meet the demands.

Good stuff...for Small scale industries in Madurai!!

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