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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Graphite Industrial Park in Sivaganga Madurai

For the past decade there had been discussions of Graphite industries in Sivaganga, Madurai, but no actions had been taken.

Even in a past period of one party of Tamil nadu, Rs.20 crores was allocated, but further actions were not taken and also in further ruling period of other party also any kind of Graphite industries were not undertaken, though there were talks all around in the assemblies etc., and there were petitions also.

The Sivaganga graphite is of flaky variety with 14% average Fixed Carbon used in the manufacture of refractory bricks, expanded graphite, crucibles and carbon brushes.

TAMIN(Tamil nadu Minerals - wholly owned by Government of Tamil Nadu) has over 600 acres of graphite bearing land in Pudupatti, Kumaripatti and Senthiudayanathapuram of Sivaganga taluk, Sivagangai District, Tamil Nadu.

Estimated reserve of graphite ore in leasehold area is three million tonnes (recoverable graphite from 14% F.C is approximately 3 lakh tonnes).

Given this resource, we should have tapped the raw materials and should have been successful in generating revenue and producing ultimate ancillary and real units of manufacturing and production of Graphite stuff.

Atleast, in this period it is expected that the (Eastern side of Madurai)Sivagangai district (Covering Thirupuvanam, Thirupachethi, Manamadurai, Sundaranadappu, Sivagangai, Kaalaiar kovil, Kallal, Devekottai, Karaikudi, Thirupathur, Singampunari etc.,) is taken care and Graphite industries would be facilitated by the Government.

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