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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Madurai Meenakshi Car (Ther) to be lighted bright in night

As we all know, there are two cars for Madurai Meenakshi Amman God and for Sivan Saami.
There is lot of significance for these thers (cars). The thers were built during the period of Thirumalai Naicker Period.

These cars are used during the Chithra Festival and comes around the Maasi street. After this festival, immediately these cars were kept safe inside a closed course. Only when it is in needed once in a year, the cars are taken out. Not much maintenance is done during the year, since it is not used.

Recently there was news that ignorant people who do not know the significance of the ther (god's car) 'pee' (urinate) near or around the ther. This is totally frustrating.

Later temple officials prepared a transparent glass for anybody to see the ther anytime in the day. Now, it is decided that lights are going to be lit to showcase the ther even in the night time and tourists can see the significance and magnificence of the ther car anytime and even during night time. This is sponsored by some company, looks like.

Also, regular cleaning is ordered by the temple officials and to maintain these thers properly.

In other hand, 10 inch LCD TVs (each worth Rs.30,000) are planned to be placed near the queues so that devotees can spend their time easily while standing and waiting to see the god in garbagraham.

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