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Thursday, September 08, 2011

How to beat competition in your business? - madurai entrepreneurship and business wisdom

How to tackle and beat your competition in your business?

Next big challenge, after profits and HR issues, comes the Competition challenge for the entrepreneur in his/her business. Here are the ways to tackle those challenges!

1) Reduce the price of service - Give it for FREE, in some cases
2) Provide extensive advertisements
3) Use Technology - to reach wide audience
4) Best People and Process
5) Different channels for reaching different segments
6) Be a specialist in the segment and help in all angles - Customers Like To Buy From A Specialist
7) Contact the consumers and customers to see if you can help them more. More Customer Service will help give good impression for the company. Solve their problem
8) Be Creative
9) Giving Something Extra in the services - USP and additional services
10) Do what you say!

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