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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Apartment culture in Madurai - more Apartments, Flats in Madurai

Article sponsored by OruAcre.com - Madurai Real Estate

In those days, Madurai Houses consists of only vast homes with large verandah, gardens, tree(s), back yard for taking bath, washing etc., large bed rooms, large halls etc., Nowadays, due to more people living in Madurai and relatively more population for smaller spaces and also due to real estate price increase, people started to live in smaller spaces and that is towards the city culture like Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad etc.,

Real Estate providers opt to build apartments, instead of individual houses in Madurai and individual plots in Madurai. Even there is a concept of 'Joint Venture' in real estate, where the owner of the land just gives off to the builder on an agreement for building apartments, of course for a mutual benefit.

Today, there are n number of apartments and communities are being formed in various places in Madurai. Starting with Agrini in Vasantha Nagar Madurai. Even today there was a news article mentioned in Dinamalar quoting an area near Bypass road, that SS Colony (Somasundarpuram Colony) is filled with apartments these days and many more are being constructed.

Aparna, Madura, Gogulam, Ragava, Rams, Saba, Venkatesh, Dwaraka, Kannamma, Max are some of the apartments in Madurai SS Colony - just for one area, these many notable apartment complexes. That kind of shows we are moving towards an apartment culture in Madurai, like any other city in India/the world.

Article sponsored by OruAcre.com - Madurai Real Estate

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