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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Sana Placement Services - Sana Consultants - Sana Consultancy - Complaints, Feedback, Appreciations and Reviews - Madurai Chennai Trichy and Coimbatore

This is a memo from Sana Placement Services - Sana Consultants - Sana Consultancy.

Since there is increased amount of candidates and consumers Sana Placement Services is dealing with, there is a need for a separate track for somebody to take care of Complaints, Reviews, Feedbacks, Appreciations and overall a proper Customer Service.

Hence the company has come up with a number and email address for addressing these Complaints, Reviews, Feedbacks, Appreciations, Customer Service, Support and also for Press Releases and Information or Enquiries.

Sana Customer Service number is 9629424451 and the email address is oruvelai@gmail.com.

All - Sana Placement Services, Sana Consultants and Sana Consultancy is trying to do is to Help and be a Customer oriented company. Please let us know if any issues directly. We want everyone to be serviced properly and without any problems.

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