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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Mankatha - movie review, story, actress, ajith, arjun, lakshmi rai, anjali, trisha, andrea, premji and venkat prabhu

I got down in Madurai via Pearl City Express at 4:30 AM in the morning. I came out of Madurai Railway station and walked towards Periyar bus stand to get to a bus, which will take me to further south. While I wanted to go to the bus stand, I waited outside in a Tea shop opposite Thanga Regal theatre (previous Victoria Edward Hall, which is history famous), now it is renovated etc., I saw lot of crowd outside the Thangaregal Theatre, Madurai.

I was shocked to see the crowd at 5 AM in the morning and it was all youth guys. I was wondering what was it for. As someone said, Madurai is a measuring meter for a film's success - Mankatha is definitely a hit. All these youth fellas have woke up early in the morning to book tickets for the first day first show of the "thala" Ajith's movie Mankatha. I myself is a fan of Ajith, so I was excited too, while I was having a cup of tea. Well, after that I went home.

Later, I and my family wanted to watch this movie. I went to Vetri theatre at 5:30 PM in the same day for a first show alone and booked tickets in advance. The ticket was sold in the theatre itself for Rs.200 for a Box ticket, which will have sofa's and couches in there.

Film was watched by ardous fans of Ajith in Madurai and there was lot of sound and noise and it was great watching with that kind of fan following. After a long time, it was like watching a Super Star Rajini movie with all the enjoyment. It was a good mass movie. I enjoyed the movie and its screenplay.

Sometimes, there was a little drags, but Ajith's poses, dressing, style looked like James Bond's to a major extent. Treat of Actresses in the movie with Trisha, Anjani, Andrea and Lakshmi Rai was wonderful. Actress Lakshmi Rai was hot in the movie with more exposures and audience enjoyed it!!:) Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja and especially the song "Vilayadu Mankatha" is soooperb and makes you excited and dance or walk here and there!:) Premji's comedy and style is good as usual. I felt story kind of has some glances of some english movie, but I am not sure. Anyway, as a Tamil Movie audience, I enjoyed it and no research after that. Just enjoy what you have in hand!! Venkat Prabhu is the man behind all these and he did it again as a Game Venture, after his Vacation Venture Goa.

For the first time as a young Hero, Ajith has not applied dye to his hair and that is his plus and he agrees in the movie that he is 40 years old. This is a great turn in Tamil Film History.

You keep rhyming the music "Vilayadu Mankatha" and you laugh it loud "HA HA HA HA HA" and end with a "Game Over" message!!! MANKATHA DAA --- I like that!!

Ajith is great!! Thala is great for his personality and looks!!! "Thala 50" is the label and this is major breakthrough for Thala!

Actress Lakshmi Rai's Photo Gallery

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