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Monday, September 05, 2011

HR issues - Salary Discussions leads to problems in the company

Once someone knows somebody else's salary (or bonus), automatically problem starts in the company. Hence, it is very important for the management to release a memo and inform all the employees via terms and conditions and say that if they come to know if anybody has discussed salary, strict action will be taken!

Due to salary discussions between employees, there has been lot of problems we are facing and HR or management would be tackling day-to-day.

When an employee comes to know other person's salary, which is higher than him/her, then automatically he/she gets dissatisfied with the package he is getting, even though he is paid well to his standards. Then he goes and negotiates with the company management and if still not satisfied, he tries to search for another job or he stays with the company stays idle and does not work properly and that spoils the productivity.

People who say the salary and people who ask for other person's salary has to be punished. This applies to bonus as well. This is one of the HR issues every company faces. We will write more as we proceed...

As an entrepreneur, first he faces how to run the business with profit and cross the breakeven and will have funding problems etc., Once he/she crosses that stage, next problem is automatically HR issues and that continues from start to end of the company's lifecycle.

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