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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Entrepreneur's mind and thought process - Madurai business wisdom - P'starting words

First of all, find out the Purpose (mission and vision) of the business.
Find People and recruit them. Good and strong team leads to very good foundation and leads to success.
Set Processes for the people and the machines, so that everything would go smooth, without your presence itself. Before all these find out the Potential and Possibilities of the Market, which you can tap and then automatically if there is Potential for your business, Profit will follow for the business. Keep values in mind, so that your decisions are correct and appropriate in the business. Set your Policies in high level and that converts to the processes in the lower level. Set your own Principles for the company, which will follow your Policy and Processes. Once everything is set, with the knowledge and the information you have in combination with the people and processes you set, you become Powerful, which actually started with a powerful idea.

Once you do that, keep the business continue with the profit and take it to the level of Perfection and that will make you reach Peace and be Peaceful in life, though there will be lot of challenges in life and business!!



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