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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Sana Consultants - Terms and Conditions - Sana Placement Services - Sana Consultancy - Sana Jobs Madurai Chennai Coimbatore Trichy

Sana Consultants - Terms and Conditions for Candidates

Sana Placement Services is a jobs consultancy and has offices in Madurai, Trichy, Coimbatore and Chennai. Wherever you want job in Tamil nadu and in the above cities, we will help you get the job.

1) Two copies of the candidate's resume, a passport size photograph and Rs.200 for registration is needed and please bring the above when you visit one of our offices.

2) You fill up the form provided by the HR executive.

3) Once you get placed and you get offer letter in hand, you will have to pay Sana Placement Services Rs.1000.

4) Once you register with us, you will be provided with at least one or two companies information (company name, contact person's information like name and phone number, company address) in hand for attending interview. If we don't provide, we take just one or two days (after your registration with us) to provide the company information, which has requirement in your desired field.

5) The registration is valid for 2 months, from the date of registration.

6) If in case, you have not been selected in this time period with the companies information we provided, then you can come back to us and get more company information for attending your interviews.

7) We are at an invitational price of our valuable services and you can avail this opportunity for getting a job in Madurai, Coimbatore, Chennai and Trichy.

8) If you have questions regarding the job, registration, enquiry, career, skill sets, job market, payment etc., please call 9689757964 or 9629559591 and mention your location or email sanaconsultantsin@gmail.com

9) If you have general questions or complaints or feedback or appreciations, please call 9629559591 or 9629424451 or email oruvelai@gmail.com

10) Sana Consultants is at your service in all the four locations Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore and Trichy for getting you a job and make a career for you in your desired job and career.

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