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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

AgriMart Rotary Tiller in Madurai by Ratnagiri ImpExp Pvt Ltd

Agrimart, an exclusive outlet for agriculture and garden care equipments from Ratnagiri Impex Pvt Ltd., has introduced a new model of eco-friendly ‘Oleo-mac Rotary Tiller’ into Madurai district for the use of farmers.

the Oleo-mac MH190 model rotary tiller is aimed at easing the work of farmers, horticulturists, vegetable growers and mixed farming farmers. The tool can be used to remove weeds along with roots and thorns, and for ploughing in a short span of time.

The tiller is available at ‘Agrimart’ agro-tools retail outlet in Bye Pass Road, Madurai. Even women can handle this equipment. A press release said this.

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