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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Self Employment is best, in comparison to Jobs/Employment under somebody

In a meeting conducted in MADITSSIA Hall for Self-Employment and the Government favours for the self-employment initiatives of Tiny, Small and Medium sized businesses in Madurai - Madurai Collector U Sagayam had explained about his opinions about Self-Employment and Employment under somebody.

Madurai Collector U Sagayam says - "I cannot give job to everyone, but best thing and easy thing for that would be to start your own business. Many people come and ask me for job in Madurai, but what I say to them is start your own business and do not expect anything. Only when you are poor you realize and enjoy the actual meaning of life".

Even government is willing to support the self-employment initiatives in Madurai. Hence it would be good for everyone to start their own business, instead of looking for a job. If we start business, economy of Madurai, India would improve. If we start business, lot of people would be benefitted, since you will be giving job to many more people, for running your business.

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