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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

NRIs coming back to do farming!

Today I met an NRI who came back to Chennai from US, after completing almost a decade in US. While I was asking him what are his plans here.

He said he has plans to work in a Software Company, as I am and in addition to that do Farming. He has bought lands worth almost Rupees 50 Lakhs and started farming on that. He has his relatives who can do that and also his wife, his dad would take care and this person would shunt between these two cities and take care of the farming as well.
In turn, he would also go full time into farming as well.

Very interesting. All of the NRIs have things in mind to execute new ideas, but most of them are not bold enough to take bold decisions to come back and at the same time to start something of their own and create a new path. But few do that by avoiding any domestic or foreign jobs and start working for themselves.

I hope seeing these pioneers and examples, slowly and gradually many would dare to do the same, who have interest to do the same.

Very well appreciated!!! Farming is a great business and that too places or cities which river belts - Trichy, Tanjore, Kumbakonam etc., So, they have unlimited crops and agriculture done there, so no need worry about water etc., and cultivation like any other places/cities in Tamil nadu.

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