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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Complaint and Grievance against Reliance Broadband connection - Reliance ADA Group

I might be a small person, but I had a bad experience with Reliance ADA Group, as a consumer and customer to the Reliance Broadband connection.

I have been paying lot of money for a broadband data card connection with Reliance and i paid monthly Rs.1600. Then I decided to downgrade to a lower plan, which would cost only Rs.750. I went to Reliance Web World in Bypass road Madurai and they told me that I will have to write that up in a plain paper and then there will be a billing cycle for which I will have to pay Rs.1600 only.

Alright, I agreed and wrote a letter to Reliance Manager and submitted the form to them. I had to write a full letter (From, To, Subject, Respected Sir, Thank you etc.,)and there is no form as such.

One billing cycle passed and I paid Rs.1600 again, no issues. Again next billing cycle came and looks like I have got the same amount Rs.1600. I called up and I was so much frustrated.

I got continuous calls from Reliance for payment of the amount on date. But, when I talk about the downgrade and no one is aware about my downgrade application, which I submitted in Bypass road, Madurai Reliance Webworld office. A person from West Tower Reliance office called me about the payment and I told her I cannot pay until this problem is resolved and she says you should have filled and submitted a form in West tower office and not in Bypass road Madurai office. I unnecessarily pay this month and next month (for next billing cycle) and also I waste around Rs.3000 unnecessarily. Still I am not sure if they will downgrade it for me or not.

There is no pure customer service as such, who has centralized information about the customer's activities. They don't have a track of whether I submitted the form or not. Due to mistake of an employee of Reliance and due to Reliance's careless process, I am at a loss of the amount. The way they function is - the way one Reliance Web World operates is not aware to the other reliance web world in the same city. There is no centralized customer service who can talk to me and address my problem. This is totally screwed process and I did not expect this from such a big group like Reliance!

My friends use other services which are at low cost and also good service and I am stuck here with Reliance! I will make arrangements for change of the service to other one and hope they are not the same.

If the process and people are good, automatically the whole company will be great with Customer Service.

Reliance Customer Service Madurai sucks in my case!

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