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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Heavy Rain in Madurai made Madurai float in the floods

It was a cool Monday evening, which was sequential to a sunny Monday morning and a very Hot Monday afternoon and eventually the Independence Day 2011 August 15th. Later, when it was dark, it started raining, raining for couple of hours cats and dogs! Heavy Rain!!!

Lot of water everywhere. Not able to drive cars or four wheelers. Not able to walk. Not able to ride bikes or bicycles. Everywhere it was flooded in Madurai. The water was till knee level in some places. Some of the most affected places in Madurai were Periyar Bus stand, Vakil New Street, Thavittu Sandhai, Theppakulam, Simmakkal etc.,

All of the transportation were stuck and could not function. Incidentally, it was end of the long weekend for Independence day 2011. However, going into the water saving schemes for rain water - it is very important that there are certain incomplete schemes which government has to take up and complete it for the betterment of Madurai.

This rain water saving scheme would help Madurai drain and use most of the rain water and also help the transportation and other normal schedule to happen smooth. It is requested to the Government to take care of that, so that Madurai can be saved from continuous rains and floods. This was the case only for one day and couple of hours rain. What if the same continues for days together. Madurai will float like the Lotus in the Lotus pond!!

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