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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Employees Management - Second Lesson in Management after business idea stabilization - Madurai Business Wisdom

Employees Management is one of the toughest parts of Management when you go LIVE on Business, after your theory, experimentation and after your idea 'seed' becomes a 'plant'.

First, as a business person we come up with an idea, understand and analyze if it is a workable idea or not. Then, we make that idea work as a team. Then comes the employees problem.

Without any jitters or any problems, there is no company. Internal problems are heavy in any company. More than 2 persons in a company, then comes automatic internal politics. One person says about second person to third person. Here starts the problems.

There might issues between ladies, men, egos, super egos, inferior egos, illtreatment between employees. Even though the management might kind enough with the employees, but between the employees problems arise.

Somebody scolds somebody and uses bad words and starts the problem. Some body is not trusted and there starts the problem, in sensitive businesses. Somebody is not satisfied with the salary and leaves the company. Somebody has got some personal problems, hence resigns the company. Overall, there are n-number of issues for employees.

In a small company, we cannot have HR department and management has to deal with all these problems. Usually manager deals with the company internal employees issues and when even a manager has problems with the management or within the employees, there comes severe problems. Atlast the management has to get in and work out the problem.

It is very tough, until and also in the process of building the tree or the banyan tree (similar to your company) and you have to face lot of problems and the problems will continue always. That is part of company building process and also for ever. Once in some stage the tree is built, you hand it over to the managers to deal with it.

Tough gets going, then the gain comes automatically and success comes through as well!

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