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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dream of Madurai becoming an innovative cradle

I have a dream of Madurai becoming an innovative cradle. Silicon Valley was once and still it is an innovative place where people from all over the world like Europeans, Indians, Chinese and US folks innovate and come up with new companies to live up their entrepreneur dream.

Mumbai is picking up in that angle, Bangalore has always been like that where many new startups came to light starting from 1998. I would like Madurai to become one of them. Madurai has been creating lot of students and graduates from its location and sending to many other locations.

Why don't they come back and start innovate companies in Madurai and make it big and live your dream. I know every one of you keep saying I should not be working all through out my life while you are in free time and you don't fully concentrate on your work. Why don't you give some serious thought and realize to do what you want to do in life?

If you have an innovative and suitable idea for Madurai, Tamil Nadu or for India in that case. Madurai is a good place to start business in India, overall.

Given this situation, if you have a great idea, contact Sana Angels or email sanaventure@gmail.com and we will fund you, if it is an appropriate idea and we are more associated to Web-based or BPO or software or marketing or anything with a combination of web based and offline works.

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