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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Private post office Madurai success story and needs improvement - Location is important

With a network of 1.55 lakh post offices in India, is considered the largest postal network in the world. Having that kind of infrastructure, by 2007, Postal service was given for franchisee outlets and that was called "Private Post Offices" and this was a novell scheme came up by the Indian Postal department.

In Madurai, around 100+ centres took the franchisee in specified circles in Madurai, but the scheme was successful in certain areas like Pethaniyapuram. Well, the success is like this - It was like Rs.3 Lakhs turnover per month. Can you believe it?

However there are sad stories where the Private post offices opened were closed soon after the losses they encountered.

It is a very good idea of Private post offices where all of the services of Post office can be accessed nearby. First point is location of the post offices for the success of the business, as it applies the same way to any other post office or business.

Next is efficient execution of the business, quality of service is important. It depends on who is running this business. Next is trust by the people. People have to trust these private post offices like the way they might trust the public post offices in Madurai. I think overall, if the company does well and provide quality service, automatically the trust from people will happen.

One last problem I forgot to tell - People some how seems to prefer Couriers, when compared to private post office. That mindset also can be changed only by these private post offices.

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