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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Management outlook/perspective of Tamil Nadu Political scenario

When somebody is running a political party, it is again a corporate company. The way a corporate company is managed is equal to the way a political party is managed. There is a leader or CEO of the party, sales and marketing team, business development team, financiers, treasurers/CFOs, leaf level party men who work for the benefit of the party.

When I wear the management hat and see the functioning of the parties in Tamil Nadu, I see only two categories of management philosophy being used. This is my personal opinion and I don't represent any organization or newspaper or company or party in Tamil Nadu.

1) Mostly centralized management (One person CEO decision). Any decision is taken by centre (Chennai based CM).
2) End level party men cannot make any decision or even district level decisions cannot be made very easily. It has to be approved by the centre (Chennai based CM).
3) In other hand, the centre(Chennai based CM) is not reachable very easily. Hence the decisions are not made easily and not done very fast.
4) But - if a decision is made, then that implementation is done successfully, because all of the party workers will listen and do their duty properly, because there is more listening to the centre of the Tamil Nadu Government.
5) Overall, too much centralization.

1) Here it is little different from the above in terms of centralization and decision making. Centre (Chennai based CM government by DMK) has lot of power spread across different people in Chennai itself.
2) Lot of power is given to the decentralized units like Madurai, Salem, Southern districts, Chennai suburbs, Chennai, Coimbatore etc., Too much decentralization is also a problem.
3) Overall, here it is a combination of centralization and decentralization, but there is centralization and also too much decentralization here.

Given the two parties, it is either centralization or too much decentralization and also centralization spread too much as well.

An ideal and good management style appropriate for Tamil Nadu would be to have Centralization and also do controlled decentralization. That would be the best style and appropriate government schemes can reach the people very easily. Hope either of the parties or new parties listens to this and make sure management is done well for the benefit of Tamil Nadu people.

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