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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Environment protection for future - keep Green Madurai

We all worry about the fact that today it was very hot and sultry. Without A/C or Fan we are not able to survive etc., We keep nagging and worrying about the weather and climate.

However, we do not realize a fact that the weather changes and hot climate is all because of our activities. We keep using plastics, polythene bags for our convenience and when it goes to land or mud, it does not biologically decompose like any other bio-degradable products and this becomes a problem because - the plastics stay as it is in the mud and spoil the sand and also the water content. This creates all kinds of environmental problems.

Those days we used to use Cloth Bags (Manjal thuni pai) and that was very helpful. Even in foreign countries they have changed to Cloth bags and when they come for grocery, they get their own bags, like the way we(Indians) used to do long back. Why don't we change back to our own style, which was actually correct?

And in lot many things we keep following the developed countries and realize that what we have been doing was absolutely correct and we will have to get back someday. Even in terms of culture the way we are going is not right and when the developed countries realize that and we will realize after that because we keep following them all the time. We need to keep out own originality. I think I have two topics here already - environmental protection (GREEN) and western followings.

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