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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Is it good to buy property or gold in Tuesday Wednesday?

There is a saying in Tamil for Wednesday - "Pon Kidaithaalum Budham Kidaikkaathendru". That means even if you get Gold, you would not get Budhan (Wednesday). So, it is said that you would not get Wednesday's easily for any of your purchases or good functions in your family.

However, Tuesday is not considered for any functions in the family or new business or buying new property or gold or any suba kaaryams. But there is an explanation for Tuesday is good for buying property and that increases your profits. In Tamil it is said - "Sevvayil Porull vaangi Varuvaayai perukku" - Buy property in Tuesday and increase your income and that is the meaning of that line above.

Another name for Tuesday is Mangalan Bhoomikaaran and since the name has already mangalam it is said that Tuesdays are good for purchase of property or gold too. Even Kerala people (high literacy) grab Tuesdays for their functions. In Tamil Nadu Lord Murugan is the mainly prayed god and Tuesdays are usually appropriate for him and that suits Tuesday as a good day too. North Indians also don't leave out a Tuesday for their family function or new business.

Overall, in addition to Wednesdays, Tuesdays are also considered good among religious and astrological experts.

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