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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Economic Perspective of Madurai for Job Opportunities and Companies in Madurai

We are going to see a snapshot or a perspective of Madurai in terms of Economy, Job Opportunities, Employment and also in terms of Companies in Madurai.

I am seeing reports, if you are in business, you will have to use or have an Internet part of your business whatever business you are in. If you are a full-fledged Internet business that is well and good, because that is the future of advertisement and Marketing, next to the Television anyway all the times. Apart from that, if you are in any other business, you will have to use Internet in some way or other in order for your success.

Having said that, other report says that by 2015, thousands of jobs has to be created in Madurai, Tamil Nadu and in India overall. Tier-II cities are the next big players, next to the metro cities. Given a situation in US etc., there will be more than one city in a state in good shape with all the infrastructure and in terms of business. And that will happen to India as well. Indian states will also have all the cities grown very well. Madurai, Trichy, Coimbatore will be in great shape next to the capital state Chennai in Tamil Nadu soon. Tier-II cities are being looked up by most of the businesses for expansion and also new entrepreneurs are willing to open their new company in these tier-ii cities, due to numerous advantages like - lesser rent and operating cost and lesser salary expenses compared to that of the Metro cities in India. Also the source of employment starts from the Tier-II cities like Madurai, Trichy and Coimbatore etc., hence it is easy to get employees here itself, rather than having the folks migrate to the bigger cities.

Overall, more companies has to be started or more branches of the companies has to be started in Madurai. more employment and more jobs has to be created in Madurai. Things has to change and improve soon in Madurai gradually and it is happening gradually. Automatically if more jobs are created in Madurai why people will migrate and also lifestyle will improve in Madurai and eventually things will be great in Madurai.

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