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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Is it a good day to buy gold today?

Is it a good day to buy gold?

Well, Religiously we have written article before for when are the auspicious days to buy gold in a different article in Madurai247.com.

However, from a financial perspective, every day is good day to buy gold or silver. At any time periodic investment in gold and silver is a great idea. Seeing that gold is high and gold is low price and going to the shop and buying might work out for when you are going to buy gold in bulk. But, when you are doing a periodic investment of buying gold or silver in a minimal quantity, every day is good day.

Key principles to buy Gold or Silver.

1) Metals should comprise only 5-10% of your portfolio.
2) Buy consistently and in a systematic fashion and periodic fashion.
3) Do not just buy gold or silver in bulk. Make it even on these kind of purchases.

I have written an useful article in these same lines of systematic investment of gold and silver in another article in Madurai247.com



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