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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Free Service platform for small business - A Madurai Software Company

A Madurai engineer has designed a free web operating system to meet all needs of small businesses. Apptivo, designed by Bastin Gerald, an alumnus of Thiagarajar College of Engineering now operating from Fremont in the US, has varied applications that automate common business operations.

Demonstrating his platform to reporters here on Wednesday, Mr. Bastin said that Apptivo came with over 40 free applications in a secure cloud platform. It had over 10, 000 users worldwide, most of them in the US. India, he said, was an emerging market and students coming out of colleges were keen to start their won business. The software for the platform was written in India, mostly in Madurai, he added.

Apptivo, he said, had a full-fledged development centre in Madurai with 90 software professionals. The platform can handle project management, invoicing, timesheets, customer relationship management, human resource, e-commerce and other essential activities of small and medium enterprises. More details can be had at www.aptivo.com.

Sourced from hinnduu newspaper.

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