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Monday, August 22, 2011

Impossible ads on rise from Advertisment industry in Madurai Chennai Tamil Nadu

There are couple of advertisements on raise in Chennai, Madurai etc., which promises very high, but they know that that is not possible and they challenge for it and say we will give free 1 crore rupees or free bangle.

Lalitha Jewellery promises if they had their billing of gold with more than 10 % making charge, then they will give Rs.1 crore. They are setting the rate and how can it go beyond 10% making charge? It is an impossible one and no single customer is going to get this Rs.1 crore, since they set the rate.

In other hand, GRT promises highest bangles in stack and a free bangle for that. Who will buy that many bangles and how will they get the free bangle. Free Bangle is an impossible thing and for popularity these ads are there.

At any case, these ads are interesting and the people go towards that. More crowd pull is there and the strategy of the advertisement is good and it is working. Good luck guys!

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