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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stress Management Lessons with Story - Business Wisdom Madurai

When I get lot of stress and think of the society or the circumstances which creates the stress up on me, I think of a story and here is the story -

Once upon a time, there lived a King. His country and his roads were not smooth and there were more stones, needles from the plants etc.,

The king upon the stress he had, he asked the minister for a red carpet to be placed all across the path the king is going to walk on. Then the minister just gave a pair of shoes and asked the King to use it.

The solution is this - we cannot change the society, and the circumstances, situations and avoid the situations, but everyone should learn how to handle the stress in the mind and handle it accordingly.

Everybody has lot of stress in his/her mind, due to lot of issues among people, administration, government and in the borders of the country etc., work pressure, family issues, and all kinds of personal issues. Everyone should learn and make up their mind to handle the stress, like the way a pair of shoes are used in the story above, instead of changing the environment using a red carpet all over.



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