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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Technology companies looking at Tier-II and Tier-III markets with full focus

Be it televisions, laptops, cameras, washing machines or air conditioners, technology companies are launching entry-level products aimed at consumers in these markets. These companies are researching on the consumers needs of these specific markets.

As part of Panasonic's strategy to increase its reach in Tier II and III markets, the electronics maker has recently launched an air conditioner and television range with superior speaker quality.

Since rural people love to turn up the volume, Panasonic has designed the products accordingly. Industry experts say Tier II and III cities have been quick in adopting the technological advancements, making them the centre of focus for all the technology bigwigs.

Google has developed applications such as search in local languages, speech recognition in Indian accent, Google Translate and Google Transliteration to meet the local requirements. Google also has flagged off an "internet bus" to educate and lure more people in Tier II and III cities and rural areas into the Web culture.

Tier II and III geographies are getting extremely crucial. Mid-market customers have been underserved traditionally, and yet they represent the fastest growing segment and Dell's greatest opportunity for growth and profitability today

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