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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Be competitive and also do not loose existing customers - 2 persons for a job backup

You might have got an innovative idea, and that might be out of the blue and totally new idea to the market you are working on. In that case, there might not be any existing takers like professional competitors. But in the case of the market, which is already being ruled by non-professional experts in the field. This is a new transition where we take it away from non-professional experts in the market or we work in tandem with those non-professionals, but experts and we take it up as a corporate company.

Be careful about the competitors who might just come in, as soon as they get to know what you are doing and that is lucrative enough.

Overtake and be fast before any other competitor comes into the business or market.

Also when you deal with the consumers, give careful attention to what are the terms and conditions you are proposing. Be careful with the conditions and stay with it with the documentation. Serve all the consumers with full heart so that you are able to satisfy each and every one of the consumers.

Other things to remember in business and HR department is - at any case at least have 2 people working. If one person goes out, next person should be able to take care of the business. Every department or responsibility should be known to two persons and if one person disturbs or resigns, then absolutely another person should take care and business should run undisturbed!

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