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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Customers coming back - a bliss in Business

In one of our businesses among the portfolio of divisions from Sagana Enterprises Private Limited, there happenned a beautiful thing.

Yesterday I got a call from a customer, whom I have spoken 1 year back, when we were starting up that division. I have spoken to this prospective customer an year back and I used this call this person again and again. He does not pick or he gives it to his subordinates and he did not give me business at all. That was because market conditions were good and there were more buyers for him. There was no purpose for more advertisement for his case.

Later my another manager called him and tried and she kind of succeeded with some little success.

This time of the year, like last year, out of the blue the same customer called back and mentioned that he is interested in paying and taking up our services.

I was very happy and that shows there is definitely an impact made by the company in the market and our services are badly needed in the market.

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