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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Less power cuts in Madurai promised - Recyclying plastic as Madurai Roads - Madurai Tourist places to look cleaner

Recycling plastic in Madurai as Madurai Roads:

Madurai city corporation has come out with a plan to recycle plastic and use it for laying roads in a bid to prevent the ill-effects of non-biodegradable plastic on the environment.

Madurai corporation commissioner A Nagarajan said that to start with, one of the roads stretching up to 3-km would be laid with plastic collected from solid waste disposed in the city. "Plastic will be mixed with bitumen to lay the road. This has been tried elsewhere in the state in the past. If it is found successful, we will lay plastic-based roads at more places in Madurai," he said.

Madurai to have less power cuts:

The Madurai city may soon witness a massive strengthening of electricity distribution network aimed at preventing loss of electricity.

"As per the plan, as many as 4638 transformers would be installed in Madurai in the next four years. In Melur, where we are going to commence the project first, we will install 130 more transformers," said a Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO) official. Installation of the transformers at more places would reduce the length of low-tension power supply lines and ultimately transmission loss could be reduced, he added.

This is the promise of TNEB Madurai; Let us wait and see if that happens!!

Already plastics are banned in Madurai Tourist spots. Clean up Madurai Tourist spots to happen. Plastics are reused for Madurai roads - that is the plan. If Plastics are sold or used near Madurai around the tourist spots of Madurai, then there would be spot fine of Rs.300 for the incident!

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