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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Online Employment Exchange Jobs - Job will come to your home! 10th, +2, Degree holders

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There used to be days when the job seeker has to go to each and every company for searching job. In fact, in good colleges and good candidates get the opportunity of getting selected in the College Campus itself. However, still the +2 students, 10th pass students and other arts and science degree holders still go to each and every company and they are looking for job.

But, given a change by the government things are on the way to change. In future, Job will come searching for you. Given the situation that online professional employment exchange is available in Madurai and other districts of Tamil Nadu, and also there is in-person employment exchange office - government will be maintaining the database and make use of technology to maintain all the candidates who have registered with the Employment Exchange.

Around 12 lakhs, 10th and +2 students have registered this year with the employment exchange. Nowadays online registration is possible. The exchange is planning to call for the candidates for any jobs available in the government. Interesting factor is that Government is planning to expose this database to the private companies also, so that they can fill up their vacancies, using this database. Awesome idea, right?!

Sponsored by Sana Placement Services OruVelai.com

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