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Monday, August 29, 2011

Electronic Balance (tharasu) Defective in Gold Jewellery Shops in Madurai

This is a very unusual thing in Madurai, but it is happenning. There are Electronic Balance found Defective in Gold Jewellery Shops in Madurai. That is the bad news but, good news is government is conducting raids in Madurai Gold Jewellery shops and taking action against those shops who are having defective Electronic Balances (Tharasu) in Madurai.

The raid was conducted for around 65 shops and out of which 17 Tharasu's Balances were removed and a strict warning and punishment is awaited in future and also for the existing guilty shop owners!

This is Shameful and think about the poor and middle class people who are purchasing Gold with their hard earned money and even a milligram makes a difference in terms of Gold price!!

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