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Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Premium Residential Plot for Sale near Thirunagar, Madurai

Dear Viewers,

We have plots for sale in Vedarpuliyankulam, near Thanakankulam/Thirunagar, Madurai.

Plot Details:
The layout has 23 Plots of various sizes - ranging about 4-6 Cents in one acre of land.


The distance from our layout and other important locations are given below:-

(1) Tamil Nadu Govt. IT Park is appx.3 KMs;

(2) Proposed “AIIMS” like Hospital is just 2 KM only;

(3) Kashmir-Kanyakumari Golden 4 Way Track Road is appx. 4 KMs;

(4) 5 kms from Thirunagar;

(5) 14 kms from Madurai City Railway Station / Periyar Bus Station

(6) 7 Kms from Madurai International Airport (in view of the proposed new NH)

(7) 6 km from Madurai-Kamaraj University;

(8) 0.75 km from Neutron Research Centre

(9) 0.75 km from Health Research Centre


· Good ground water source.

· Very good potential for appreciation in value of land.

· Excellent & very safe Investment opportunity for short-term to medium term.

Price Details:

Per Sqft-Rs.99/-

For more details please contact us:




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