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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Coimbatore is business incubator friendly, but Madurai is still not yet there?!

This is a personal observation I have got a feedback from Sana Angels (an angel funding organization - funding for initial level entrepreneurs or aspirants) that Coimbatore is more friendly for an environment for being a Business Incubator.

A study by Sana Angels show that -

1) There are more budding entrepreneurs in Coimbatore.
2) More want to start business in Coimbatore.
3) There is an increasing amount of people from Southern districts and work there in Coimbatore.
4) Budding entrepreneurs are looking for funding in Coimbatore and they are mostly from Coimbatore.

Is this because of more industries in Coimbatore than Madurai? In Coimbatore are already more successful entrepreneurs and they act as good examples for the budding entrepreneurs I guess.

This is amazing! Hope Madurai gets to there sooner or later!

In Madurai also lot of things are happening in terms of budding entrepreneurship. Recently I heard a company with 90+ employees recently started software company and working with globally selling products. Madurai will be there soon!! We are on the way!!!

At any case, I am proud about Coimbatore for the environment it provides to the aspirants for Entrepreneurs.

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