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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Do not become unconcious by success - success is sweet

Every man works very hard for some good news to happen. Every body tries and if there is a team for the company - whole team works hard for the company. Out of the hard work comes the success.

First success is always very sweet! First success could be like a First Job! First success could be becoming a father or mother for that matter! First success could be completing a project successfully in a company! First success could be completing first deal in the company! First success could be riding a bike first time! First success could be making a sales deal as a sales person! First success could be going onsite in a company for a much lucrative salary!

First success should never make you unconscious! First success should considered similar to that of the first failure! First success should never slow you down. First success should take us to next steps, which are much more many fold in success and more of the same thing and repeat the success and another challenge is to maintain the success, if not you are not able to multiply!!



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