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Monday, August 29, 2011

Air and Noise Pollution in Madurai - Common public getting affected

There was a recent study near the main traffic places in Madurai like Mattuthavani, Periyar Bus stand, Palanganatham, Theppakulam, Goripalayam, Therkuvasal, Keezha vaasal etc., for the pollution density and for the noise pollution.

There are high noise creating horns installed in the cars and in the bikes these days in Madurai and that causes lot of trouble for the pedestrians, bike riders and other drivers. The car, lorry, bus and van horns are more than the decibel limit accepted by the rules. Will local Madurai government take severe action against it?

Also the air pollution is heavy in the areas mentioned above. Please do the needful Sirs!

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