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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Clear up the traffic for Southern Madurai! - Move the East Maret Street Onion Market and Simmakkal Fruits Market near Central Market Mattuthavani

It was a great move by the local government and funding from the state for Centralized Market near Mattuthavani for all the vegetables. This helps a lot and there gives a lot of breathing space for the traffic. Every day there are n number of cars, bikes, vans, buses being registered with RTO (Regional Transport Office, Madurai). Given these new vehicles, how will the Old Roads of Madurai around the temple handle? Obviously there will be traffic situation in Madurai, given the old narrow roads and too many vehicles. These roads were supposedly very broad roads in olden days, but today it is not.

Some of the bottlenecks for these traffic situations are -

1) During November to January, Ayyappa Devotees would halt in Madurai on their way to Sabarimala. Madurai Corporation has provisioned Ellis Nagar and Bye-pass road in Madurai for halting their vehicles, instead of staying inside the city. In an off-topic, Corporation does not provide sufficient facilities, while the corporation collects money for the parking. This is one of the good moves, since the traffic is reduced and parking is done little outside the temple area in the Madurai City.

2) Fruit Market in Simmakal - Pazhakkadai Mandi - Pazhakkadai Commission Agent Mandi. This produces lot of traffic clutter, since lot of lorries and load vans come and go in the Madurai City.

3) Onion Market in Keezha marret street - East Maret Street is another clutter, where lot of lorries and load vans block the ongoing traffic.

4) In night, there are too many lorries coming and going in the city. If these two markets also moves to the Central Market in Mattuthavani, that would be a blessing for Madurai traffic and around 70% of the traffic would be reduced.

5) Also, the parking facility is not properly provided for some of the tourist spots in Madurai like Thirumalai Nayakkar Mahal. Hence, there is lot of traffic congestion.

If some improvements are undertaken, that would be great for Madurai City Traffic!!

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