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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Market Survey - Market Research - Madurai Chennai Coimbatore Trichy Marketing and Advertising Agency

We have the man power to design and perform any kind of survey in the field to perform market research and collect market data for any detailed analysis to be done for our clients.

Since it is all of offline survey - we will printout the forms and get it filled by the participants categorically (based on your classification). Once the forms are completely filled, we can courier the forms to you (assuming you will need it), for your reference and also the analysis and conclusion can be sent via email by our team as a small report.

Just for your reference, we can do online surveys also.

we provide the quote with BEST and reasonable rates from us -

Printing and Stationary Expenses
Courier Expenses
Petrol Expenses 

Small Compliments to the participants
Human Resources Expenses (Work Cost)

Looking forward to lot of business in the future.

Thank you
Tamil Selvan.
Maayaa Marketing Services - Advertising Agency in Madurai, Chennai.

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