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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

In Person Direct Marketing in Madurai Chennai Coimbatore Trichy - Advertising Agency - Marketing Services Company

In Person Direct Marketing in Madurai Chennai Coimbatore Trichy - Advertising Agency - Marketing Services Company

How to do marketing for a new product (medical wipes product) in the market?
Here is a quick case study on how we handle these kind of special products new to the market.

The product is a medical product used during a surgery. Say a wipe and a sheet human sized paper spread under the patient while during surgery.

This product is usually adopted by big hospitals and major clinics which has surgery room and they perform surgeries.

So, clearly this product is not for the consumers, but for the hospital business. The customer is a producer and distributor of the medical wipes and they want the product to be marketed.

Clearly, the prospect list is obvious. Hospitals! Let us work it out for a single city for now.

As a part of competitive analysis, need to do research on who is there in the market already. If we are new, it is kind of easy or tough depending upon the situation and the executive can talk through to the contact. If there is already competition, then we should strategize on how to break the competition.

1) Take a list of hospitals in Madurai.

2) Come up with the list of contacts in the hospitals, to reach out to the procurement department.

3) Or also try to come up with the contact which is high profile in the hospital or a referral who can refer to the big (influential) contact in Madurai.

4) Have one or two resources (depending upon the need and urgency) on board to contact these above contacts via email, phone and in-person.

5) Referral to influential contacts is powerful and make the appointments easy and also marketing/sales easy.

6) Equip the marketing resource with visiting cards, bike, mobile, brochures (if any), certificates (if any), product samples, a digital copy or CD or any other give aways related to the product.

7) All the marketing executive has to do is to contact and make sales and get orders.

8) Once the orders are in, then the product is delivered and billed based on the demand from the customer.

Here it is only direct marketing and sales strategy. Since the target customer list is limited, there is no need for Bulk SMS or any other marketing rigorously etc.,

May be internet marketing techniques can be used to make an online presence for the brand and easy selling. This is a very simple case study and it does not apply to all products. Since this product is a special case, there is no need for other types of marketing and it is easy to contact the medical procurement department and make sales.

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