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Saturday, November 26, 2011

A New Apartment Buying process in Velachery Chennai - from a buyer's perspective - Chennai Madurai Real Estate Trichy

This article is an outcome of a buyer who came across a buying process in Velachery Chennai. I have been with him while he bought the apartment in Velachery Chennai. Here is the story.

The buyer is a person working in a software company in Chennai. He has more than 10+ years experience in Software industry and he has a successful career as such with good earnings and good success in the work as well. He has been living in US and also in cities in India for work.

The Wish: As a first step to buying a property in Chennai, the buyer has to get a wish of buying a property in Chennai. The buyer has to come up with a thinking of buying a property in the city so that he can use it or rent it etc.,

Evaluation: There are lot of questions to be answered, just after the wish for the buyer. Not just the wish is enough for a buyer to buy a property in Chennai City.

How much money he/she can put in as down payment?
Is it only one applicant for loan? Is it going to be a couple of applicants?
Are we going to buy an apartment or an independent house?
Which location to buy apartment or house in Chennai?
Am I going to buy a 2 BHK or 3 BHK or 4 BHK?
Are we looking for a new property or old property?

The evaluation is a whole different article to be written. We will write about it.

Looking out for property: Once the buyer has done the evaluation in terms of money and also his/her preferences, he/she looks out for the property in preferred areas. This can be done via Internet, Contacts, Mediators or by just going around that preferred area, if there is a building construction is going on or not. N number of site visits are done, and at last....

Shortlist of properties and selecting one: Once the buyer shortlists the properties from the huge list of properties and preference matches, the property is selected. Once the property is selected, next the process of buying starts...

More of this will be continued soon in another article..

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