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Friday, November 25, 2011

How to buy House or Land Buy/Sell Registration Procedure - Tamil Nadu Chennai Madurai Trichy

House or Land Buy/Sell Registration Procedure

1) Cash or Cheque payment to the Builder

2) If by Cheque/Bank payment - let the Bank representative pay the amount by cheque and the registration procedure starts.

3) Documents are prepared in all sides. - Document preparation is a separate task before that.
Builder prepares 2 or 3 copies of the document.
with builder/seller and buyer signed with photo.
all the details written in the document - pathiram done/ready.

4) Sale Deed is submitted to Ila nilai saarpathivaalar - and a token is taken.
5) The buyer and seller waits for the Token number to come.
6) Once our token number comes in, then the pathiram also reaches the appropriate table - sub-registrar or registrar.
7) the registrar or sub-registrar (depending upon the registrar office), will collect the registration fees (<1000, cash; and above that DD only) write down the document number in the document and sign it in all the copies of the document.

Kalai pani is paid.
And also the bribe is paid Rs.1000 to Rs.1500 for the registrar. For all the sub-people will get starting from 100 to 200 etc.,

8) Registration fees is paid in the counter - 8% for stamp duty.

9) Once the fees is paid - receipt is received for the amount paid.

10) Also the log of the transaction - signature is done in the register and also hand prints are made in different log books by both buyer and seller.

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