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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Brokers/Mediators increasing the price of Real Estate Properties Land House Apartment in Madurai Trichy Chennai Tamil Nadu

Real Estate Market is totally in the hands of Real Estate Mediators (or in other unpreferred terms - Brokers) in the field. The mediator in the field has all the information in his area and knows about every thing in his area about buy or sell or rental or anything about the property.

The fast increase in the prices of the properties in Madurai, Trichy, Chennai, Coimbatore is basically because of these mediators. When asked for a price of property in his area, he/she automatically increases the price and tells - either for his benefit or for the seller's benefit.

If we can just sell at the price of normal rate or just at a reasonable hike, it will be good. But, these mediators completely change the picture and project it as if the prices are increasing.

But the danger is - if there is no improvement in the city and if the mediators keep increasing the price, then we have the problem of one day the prices bursting and coming down to a lower rate!

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