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Saturday, November 26, 2011

NRIs having a under value in mind for Real Estate Properties in Tamil Nadu

NRIs are the ones who are otherwise called Non-Resident Indians and they have once gone out of India to earn in other currency and come back to India with much more wealth. Many are successful in that, but few are not successful. Few stay back in the immigrant country, since their lifestyle is set there in the foreign country itself. Anyway, those things apart - the point of the article is different.

Most of the NRIs who go out of the country, have an undervalue of Real Estate Properties in their mind. When they come up with the price or quote for the price of the land in their home country or home city or their native place, they ask it low, because they don't know the growth of Real Estate Market in their home land.

It is not their mistake, but NRIs usually have a picture in mind of the home land, which they left and they think only very less would have increased. But surprisingly, the prices and the market value have increased to the core. Even localites sometimes get surprised for the prices of the land.

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