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Friday, November 25, 2011

How to get EC for land, house property? What are the extra costs involved in buying a property

Encumberance Certificate costs in the range of Rs.450 to Rs.2000.
Rs.450 is split as Rs.250 (Actual), Rs.100 for Bribe and Rs.100 for speedy process.
This can be done for 30 years.

Also, depends on different Registrar offices and different centres.
For example, Trichy KK Nagar - 15 years Office. It is better to check in other Registrar offices, if you want to thoroughly check about the property - to make it clean.

For Legal (lawyer fees), usually it is Rs.2000.

Some of the other costs are -

Stamp paper - 8% of Guideline value.
Registration - 1% of the Guideline value.
Rs.500 per lakh in guideline value for Registrar.
Rs.1500 to to Rs.2000 for Documentation Writer.
Kalaipani for any building Rs.5000.
Brokerage 1% to 2%

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