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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Improving Madurai as Industrial City - December 2010

Mr.L. Vijayakumar, Chairman, Special Task Force on Employment, Ministry of Labour and Employment addressing a workshop on Industrial Development in Madurai district organised by CII and Special Task Force on Employment, Ministry of Labour, Government of India, at Madurai Institute of Social Sciences on Tuesday said that Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises should be encouraged and big players' (like Confederation of Indian Industry) help was needed and only when all industrial associations came together, industrial development in Madurai would become a reality.He said the accent should be in producing young entrepreneurs.Centre for Entrepreneurial Development is planning to make at least 1,000 entrepreneurs from 439 panchayats in Madurai during 2011, according to L. Vijayakumar.He spoke about the future plans of having bankers' meet and establishment of Entrepreneurial Development Programme Cells in some 32 educational institutions in the district.He further added that the objective of the workshop was to discuss the hurdles which were preventing industrial development in Madurai and how to overcome them.D.V.P. Raja, coordinator of the workshop, explained the need for interconnectedness between various players in the industry.A member from Madittsia opined that a trade centre was a must for proper industrial development.The participants included Arvind Srinivasan, Chairman, CII, Madurai, M. Shanmugam, Regional Director, Indira Gandhi National Open University, members from Madurai District Tiny and Small Scale Industries Association and Small Industries Product Promotion Organisation, and Spinners Association.This initiative might fructify the following projects to become a reality.

Workforce diverse city worth 1500 Crores
Maditssia 50 acre small business park
CII 100 acre herbal park
2011 1000 hand business candidates training
In panchayat gramin Guam abiyan central govt programme
District business improvement council to be formed
Construction industry training for 5000 people in alliance with L&T.

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