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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Why Madurai did not become an industrial city till now? November 2011

Why Madurai did not become an industrial city till now? November 2011

Night City, Temple City - like that there are various names of Madurai. In that way, it has not become an industrial city anytime, though there were zillions of potential opportunities and possibilities of that happenning. Why it did not happen? Every day we keep thinking about it or talk about it when we talk about Madurai.

The primary reason to that is there were no big companies stayed in Madurai. Even one or two companies which were present in Madurai has moved out of Madurai or branched out from Madurai. Even the employees and Human Resources from Madurai are moving out of Madurai every day.

The manufacturing companies are celebrating closing ceremonies, instead of profits and bonuses. What is the reason for this situation of Madurai?

Mentality of People - Even if it is 10 Rs. there was/is a general trend that the youngsters should go for Government job. That is the safe job and there won't be any lay offs. That is the idea behind the majority of people of Madurai, because that comprises Middle Class people of Madurai.

Even parents are not willing to have their sons/daughters go for entrepreneurship. They just want their kid to go study IT, Computers, Engineering and just go work for Software companies - MNCs in different cities of India, outside Tamil Nadu like Bangalore etc., or they want their son or daughter to go to USA, Europe. What a thinking!! You think all of the people who have gone out of the country has been happy in their new land? Are they having enough money in the new land, though they might have a grat lifestyle in the new land. Change your thinking Parents and Youngsters. Try to stick to your land. and achieve here with your skillset. Start something of your own with a brilliant idea.

20 years back, there were more than 20 textile mills around Madurai, but today none of them exist and today they are being converted as Real Estate plots. Human Resource from Madurai are moving to Tiruppur, Coimbatore, Erode etc., BHEL went to Trichy. Steel Plant went to Salem. That was because Madurai did not have broadgauge Railways infrastructure at that time.

1000s of years old Madurai has problems of land or space, lack of Transport facilities, lack of broad roads in Madurai. Hence, it is better to create a new city or expand the city of Madurai to 40 kms (that is develop Madurai in the next region that is 40 kms away) and create habitat, create real estate, create industries and create employment. TVS created TVS Nagar and its surrounding areas just like that, though it was considered outer suburbs of Madurai those days. Now it is just 5 kms from the Madurai Periyar bus stand and Madurai Railway station.

Cinema is another reason for Downfall of Madurai's image. The projection of Madurai in cinemas is in bad light all the time. It shows as if there are more Caste feudalism, angry/rage people are more in Madurai. But that is not the case. Madurai people are more friendly and willing to help and with good heart.

There has been no proper politician till date who has taken 100% steps to improve Madurai. If someone takes proper focussed steps to improve Madurai, we can definitely improve Madurai and create a Great Madurai.

In keywords, here are the reasons for Madurai not to improve till date - Mentality of people, Idea of Entrepreunership, Migrating out of Madurai, Issues in Bank loans, Politics, Lack of good Leader, Cinema's image of Madurai, Ignoring Madurai in all aspects.

Though there are lot of potentials, Madurai is not being used properly. A good leader should take up Madurai and make Madurai a Great Madurai, by extending a new Great Madurai and also improve current Madurai. If more income can be created in madurai, more flourishing can be done in Madurai. Why can't the leaders of Today think of improving Madurai from a more profit oriented thinking and make it commercial?

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