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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

If I was Mayor of Madurai, Things to do

If was Mayor of Madurai, I would do the following -

I would run Madurai like a commercial company with a combination of non-profit organization, not just like a non-profit organization only.

Check the budget, balance sheet, income, expenses of Madurai Corporation.
I will think how the income can be increased, and at the same time people getting benefitted.

With the given funds, find out what are the channels of income. How to increase the channels of income? Find that out.

Get those companies and get those divisions function very well and make it productive and get more income.

Work on getting entrepreneurship improved. Work on getting the infrastructure of the Madurai Corporation improved, and not just road etc., also the infrastructure like Electricity, Water etc.,
Companies has to be appreciated for more business. More business, more tax payment and more employment happens.

I will go to colleges and education centres to stay in Madurai and get employed or start something of their own to provide employment.

Today, biggest hurdle every startup business in Madurai faces is electricity problem, human resources problem and funding problem.

Create a better Madurai and name it as Greater Madurai next to Madurai, to create a new city by itself. There are lot of opportunities to be created and availed even today. Madurai today is set for only a limit. There is an extreme need to create a new city near Madurai or an extended city to develop and improve.

This is not the limit, but there will be more to the wish and the things to do, if I have to become a Mayor of Madurai.

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